柯姆‧奧德里斯科爾(Colm O'Driscoll) 是《碧血狂殺2》中的major character



Colm O'Driscoll was a long-time infamous outlaw operating across the Old West. In his earlier days, he had a sort of partnership with 德奇.范特林, a fellow infamous outlaw. The two would go on to found gangs named after them, the O'Driscoll gang and the 范特林幫派 respectively.

Their odd friendship eventually turned into bitter enmity when Dutch killed Colm's brother. In retaliation, Colm murdered a woman called Annabelle, implied to have been a lover of Dutch. Ever since these events, Colm and Dutch's gangs were involved in a blood feud.

Events of Red Dead Redemption II编辑

Colm is first seen in person upon arriving at the meeting point for the parley he proposed between him and Dutch. This turns out to be a ploy to capture 亞瑟‧摩根, unfortunately. Colm later confronts the imprisoned Arthur, explaining that he made a deal with the Pinkertons. He is counting on Dutch to launch a rescue mission, upon which the trap will be sprung and the Van der Linde gang arrested. His plans, however, are foiled when Morgan manages to escape.

Colm O'Driscoll is hanged in 聖丹尼 later on during the main story of RDR 2. 

Mission Appearances编辑