碧血狂殺2》的PS和Xbox版本中有一些秘技(Cheats code)或稱作弊代碼,可以讓玩家可以更容易進行遊戲,但也需要注意使用秘技之後造成的結果。


  • 使用任何秘技之後,你將不再能儲存遊戲,所以務必再三考慮。
  • 一旦使用秘技,就失去在PS4上獲得獎盃和在Xbox One上獲得成就的機會。
  • Where a newspaper is a requirement for a particular cheat, purchase the newspaper, turn it over and then look at the bottom. The cheat phrase should be there.
  • Newspapers are sold in the following locations: Annesburg, Blackwater, Rhodes, Strawberry, Valentine. You can purchase all the newspapers at each location and read them to ensure you unlock all the cheats possible.
  • Capitalization does not matter when entering a cheat

The relevant newspaper must be in your inventory when you are trying to use the relevant cheat code.

  • Once you enter a cheat successfully it will be saved and can then be toggled on/off easily from the Cheats menu.